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Case Studies

WhitPR specializes in strategic communications that leverage public relations, influencer engagement, and experiential marketing to shape and amplify the narratives of cultural creators, moments, and movements.

Our talented team of communicators, marketers and strategists merge Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative strategies to authentically tell brand stories that reach the right audience and generate measurable results that aid overall business goals. Through our work, we aim to move the needle on shaping and amplifying stories that not only celebrate Black culture but also support the advancement of marginalized communities.

A Pathway for Student Parents

Strategy + Media Relations

In 2022, Generation Hope wanted to generate awareness around their impactful work supporting teen parents to and through college, while also positioning founder Nicole Lynn Lewis as a thought leader across higher education and social advocacy. Our social impact team developed a multi-tiered media engagement strategy to highlight both Nicole’s personal profile and a mix student parent voices to communicate the hurdles student parents face and the unique solutions Generation Hope provides. We also worked to amplify several important announcements including the launch of their “FamilyU” college and university cohort and the paperback release of Nicole’s critically acclaimed memoir “Pregnant Girl: A Story of Teen Motherhood, College, and Creating A Better Future For Young Families.” In our ongoing partnership, we’ve been able to secure nearly a dozen placements and over 3 billion media impressions across Good Morning America (GMA), NowThis News, HuffPost, Shondaland and more.

Gen-Z Entrepreneurial Innovators

Strategy + Media Relations / Content Creation + Social Media Management

In 2020, The Safety Pouch founder, David Price, wanted to build awareness around his innovative safety tool while also elevating its mission to invoke societal change. We developed a media relations strategy that highlighted David’s “accidental” Gen-Z founder’s story and communicated the role the pouch plays in restoring safe, efficient traffic stops. We also spearheaded a social media strategy bringing increased awareness of the pouch and its functions to viewers across Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

We were able to secure over 20 placements and over 2 billion media impressions landing notable opportunities on The Real Daytime, MSNBC, In the Know, ESSENCE, Black Enterprise and more, while positioning David as an emerging Gen-Z entrepreneur leader with honors like EBONY’s Power 100

Broadcasting Diverse Stories

Strategy + Media Relations

At the top of 2022, Trell Thomas wanted to raise additional awareness around Profiled: The Black Man – a docuseries he created and executive produced alongside Tina Knowles-Lawson. With a discovery+ premiere date less than a month away, we led amplification efforts to garner national media attention for the docuseries, Trell and Mrs. Tina and stand-out stories from each episode. Following the premiere, we pitched and coordinated media attendance for a screening of an episode of the series at the WACO theater in Los Angeles, in which we were able to garner post-coverage of the event and episode from ESSENCE, Blavity and more.

Toward the end of our engagement, we secured 9 significant placements, achieving over 101 million media impressions with placements on CBS This Morning, The Nick Cannon Show, MSNBC, Insider and more.

Spitting Facts

Strategy + Media Relations

With the 2020 Presidential election on the horizon, Poet Marc Bamuthi Joseph conceptualized a viral campaign tagging rappers, actors, poets and others to challenge and fact-check misinformation spewed by former President Trump. Marc looked to bring awareness to the challenge and its mission to debunk harmful myths ahead of a critical election. We worked to generate national media attention around the challenge, its creator and stand-out contributors including Daveed Diggs, Kerry Washington, Black Thought, Talib Kweli and more.

We were able to placements across the Los Angeles Times, Ebro in the Morning, The Source, BET, NowThis and more, garnering nearly 70 million media impressions.

Introducing A New Wave of Beauty Disruptors

thread beauty is a first-of-its-kind beauty brand focusing on the authentic experiences of Gen-Z Black, Indigenous, and Humans of Color. Founded in 2021 by the same dope creators of The Lip Bar, the cruelty-free beauty brand was gearing up for its DTC and retail launch. Leveraging public relations and media engagement strategies to increase brand awareness amongst its target market of consumers WhitPR developed timely narratives that promoted the brand’s entry into Target stores while also establishing thread as the premiere makeup brand designed for Gen-Z Black, Indigenous, and humans of color.

With a focus on connecting with Gen-Z consumers, WhitPR cultivated media partnerships and innovative digital and social storytelling integrations to further drive connectivity between the brand, consumers, and beauty editors — including a spotlight feature in Byrdie’s “Just Three Things,” social media series. The news coverage generated over 3.4 billion media impressions highlighting the brand’s mission, affordability, accessibility, multipurpose features, and efficacy of its featured products.

Taking A Wellness-Centered Approach to Men’s Personal Care

In a year where “essential,” became the number one adjective to define products and services of dire importance, how does a grooming brand continue to include itself in conversations that matter and position itself as a necessity for the community it services? Historically known for its award-winning multipurpose grooming offerings, Scotch Porter entered 2020 with a new look and greater reach announcing product reformulations, a textured hair collection and significant retail partnerships with two of the largest retailers in the nation — Target and Walmart. However, as health & wellness became a greater priority to consumers as a result of the global pandemic, Scotch Porter was poised to reposition itself as much more than a grooming brand. With the upcoming release of its two newest product categories, Scotch Porter was ready to share its wellness-centered approach to men’s personal care with the world. WhitPR drove the amplification of Scotch Porter’s brand expansion while leveraging awards and thought leadership opportunities for the CEO to position the brand as a grooming and wellness authority in the men’s personal care space.

WhitPR increased the brand’s overall awareness with more than 80 placements and 2.2 billion media impressions.

Shifting Brand Perception

Entering the market with remarkable success in 2019 — securing significant retail partnerships with both Target and Wal-Mart, Botánika Beauty was poised for exponential success. However, with the onset of the global pandemic and a shift in its marketing approach, Botánika Beauty quickly realized its brand identity was centered around its former brand ambassador/spokesperson and not its brand value. With the anticipation of expansion in Fall 2021, Botánika Beauty was ready to kick off the new year with the promotion of its new brand narrative and re-establishment of its value to consumers. Working against contradicting press coverage, WhitPR developed and executed an aggressive public relations and media relations strategy that established the brand’s founder, as the spokeswoman of the brand. Our team also employed a targeted mix of nano, micro, and macro influencer engagement strategies, establishing a trusted relationship between the brand and influencers and increasing awareness of the brand value and product use with target markets.

WhitPR secured 18 media placements for Botanika Beauty, including ELLE, The Real, Galore, and Beauty Independent. The news coverage generated 172 million media impressions.