WhitPR specializes in strategic communications that leverage public relations, influencer engagement, and experiential marketing to shape and amplify the narratives of cultural creators, moments, and movements.

Our talented team of communicators, marketers and strategists merge Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative strategies to authentically tell brand stories that reach the right audience and generate measurable results that aid overall business goals.

Through our work, we aim to move the needle on shaping and amplifying stories that not only celebrate Black culture but also support the advancement of marginalized communities.

Culture Tags

Founded in 2013, Because of Them We Can began as a photo campaign honoring the Black figures of past and present as part of Eunique’s mission to curate content and moments that celebrate and amplify people of color and culture. Since, Eunique has expanded this mission to include Because of Them We Can, the Because of Them We Can subscription box, Dream Village, and most recently, #CultureTags, a spirited game that tests just how well you know the culture.

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Scotch Porter

In a year where “essential,” became the number one adjective to define products and services of dire importance, how does a grooming brand continue to include itself in conversations that matter and position itself as a necessity for the community it services?

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The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights' And Still I Vote campaign

As we geared up for the historical 2020 election cycle and fought to enact legislation crucial to supporting a people and economy devastated by the onset of a global pandemic, how does a voting rights group fight to protect disproportionately impacted communities and engage with policy makers at the helm of these discussions?

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