Botanika Beauty

Botánika Beauty is much more than a beauty brand, it’s a lifestyle. Authentically rooted in the celebration and representation of Latinx culture and heritage.

In 2019, Botánika Beauty set out to fill a much needed gap in the hair care space. Beyond providing a solution for those struggling with the styling and maintenance of their textured hair, the brand developed a guiding light to solve an even bigger problem in both hair care and beauty as a whole — the lack of authentic Latinx representation within the beauty industry.

Botánika Beauty is much more than a beauty brand, it’s a lifestyle. Authentically rooted in the celebration and representation of Latinx culture and heritage, Botánika Beauty develops culturally infused products designed to nourish, repair, and enhance natural hair tresses of all types. Inspired by botánicas — which are fixtures in the Latinx communities — Botánika links past traditions to the present through proven natural ingredients and award-winning formulas. Botánika Beauty inspires us to honor our inner goddess and reminds us that self-care is self-love.

With the industry on the cusp of a bigger conversation concerning the accurate education and representation of Latinx communities in beauty, and more specifically haircare, Botánika Beauty was ready to position itself as a pioneer and authority in the beauty space.

The Situation

Entering the market with remarkable success in 2019 — securing major retail partnerships with both Target and Wal-Mart, Botánika Beauty was poised for exponential success. However, with the onset of the global pandemic and a shift in their marketing approach, Botánika Beauty quickly realized its brand identity was centered around its former brand ambassador/spokesperson and not its brand value. With the anticipation of expansion in Fall 2021, Botánika Beauty was ready to kick-off the new year with the promotion of its new brand narrative and reestablishment of its value to consumers.

The Solution

Working against contradicting press coverage, WhitPR developed and executed an aggressive public relations and media relations strategy. Through a series of targeted pitches, media announcements, and virtual deskside conversations (between the CEO and targeted trade, business, and consumer lifestyle editors), WhitPR established Botánika Beauty’s Founder & CEO, Aisha Ceballos-Crump, as the spokeswoman of the brand. Through brand narrative development, WhitPR leveraged media opportunities to build brand awareness and position Botánika Beauty as a barrier-breaking beauty company rooted in the celebration and accurate representation of Latinx women.

With the activation of our thought leadership strategy, WhitPR positioned the brand and its executive leadership as authorities within the beauty space through timely press moments that highlighted proprietary insight for industry forecasting. We also leveraged the brand’s retail partnerships and Aisha’s affiliation with trade-specific councils such as Target’s Business Partner Council, the Global Beauty Alliance, and Depaul University’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Institute, to further emphasize her expertise in the business of beauty.

To further drive the amplification of Botánika Beauty’s new narrative, and center both the value of its products and purpose, WhitPR employed a targeted a mix of nano, micro, and macro influencer engagement strategy. Through this strategy, WhitPR not only established a trusted relationship between the brand and influencers but also increased awareness of the brand value and product use with target markets.

The Results

WhitPR secured more than 25 placements between March 2021 and September 2021 for Botanika Beauty, including ELLE, The Real, Galore, and Beauty Independent. The news coverage generated 443M media impressions and 443k coverage views.



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