WhitPR is an integrated strategic communications agency committed to shaping and amplifying the narratives that drive measurable brand success. With wit and determination, our talented team of communicators, marketers, and strategists merge Public Relations, Marketing, and Creative strategies to authentically tell brand stories that reach the right audience and generate measurable results that aid overall business goals.

At WhitPR we are champions of cultural creators, moments, and movements. As a result, we have mastered connecting brands to multicultural audiences. Through our work, we aim to move the needle in shaping and amplifying stories that not only celebrate Black culture, but also support the advancement of marginalized communities.

Traditional Public Relations

Through strategy building, narrative development, and event activation on both local and national levels. WhitPR is able to achieve tangible results for our clients that help push their narrative forward.

Non-Traditional Public Relations

To enhance the efforts of the PR campaigns of our clients, WhitPR has led the engagement strategy for influencers and/or brands that are aligned with the clients’ target audience and mission/vision.
WhitPR has also created digital engagement opportunities for client campaigns to generate awareness opportunities outside of the traditional media platforms.


WhitPR uses experience and events to share our clients' market strategies with target audiences. We have worked with clients to strategically plan experiential activations to bridge the gap between their marketing focus and targeted consumer.

WhitPR has partnered with vendors and strategic partners to produce experiential events, as well as managed the curation of the invitation list to ensure the attendees include media, influencers and targeted consumers.


WhitPR has created a social media protocol/focus document to guide clients in the management of posts across their social media accounts.
WhitPR also provides clients with content for all social media accounts, dividing activity between original written content developed by WhitPR and the clients, re-posting other relevant content, and replying to other relevant activity.